Refrigerants used by BUUS equipment.

Different types of refrigerants are used in the production of flake ice machines and cooling equipment. Depending on the demand from the customer following types are used:

HFC/HCFC types.

Even though BUUS iceflakers can be used on ammonia and brine the most common refrigerant is still HFC and HCFC refrigerants. Today the iceflakers are equipped with a double sealing system that will ensure that the refrigerant does not leak to the atmosphere.

Ammonia (NH3)

Ammonia is environmentally friendly, it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect and it is inexpensive. Ammonia is used on bigger cooling plants. On existing ammonia installations you can use BUUS iceflakers on primary or secondary strings. Both DX and pump circulation systems are available. Maximum temperature for making ice is approx. -15°c / 5°F. Please contact us for help calculating the equipment.

Brine / secondary refrigerants

While prices on HFC type refrigerants have risen rapidly the demand for glycol and Temper® based refrigeration plants and iceflaker units has followed. BUUS Refrigeration offers both glycol based and Temper® based units. Both complete plants including a primary NH3 or HCFC unit and a secondary circuit using brine.


Looking at energy conservation measures it is interesting to look at CO2 as refrigerant. Today the supplies of compressor, valves etc. is limited but the refrigeration industry is considering CO2 as one of the refrigerants of the future.