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Your Danish flake ice & slurry ice machine factory. The only ice machine that makes flake ice and slurry ice on the same evaporator. For HFC, NH3, brine and CO2.
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Refrigerants used by BUUS equipment

Different types of refrigerants are used in the production of flake ice machines and cooling equipment. Depending on the demand from the customer following types are used:

HFC/HCFC types

Even though BUUS iceflakers can be used on ammonia and brine the most common refrigerant is still HFC and HCFC refrigerants.

Ammonia (NH3)

Ammonia is environmentally friendly, it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect and it is inexpensive. Ammonia is used on bigger cooling plants.


While prices on HFC type refrigerants have risen rapidly the demand for glycol and Temper® based refrigeration plants and iceflaker units has followed. CO2


Looking at energy conservation measures it is interesting to look at CO2 as refrigerant. Today the supplies of compressor, valves etc.

Quality - a key issue

Consistent and never failing quality has in more than one sense become a key issue at BUUS Refrigeration. Only a high and persistent quality will allow the company to gain access to the markets on which it wants to operate, which is why BUUS continously allocates resources for quality control and quality assurance.

Through several years a great effort has been made to integrate the quality concept into the spirit of the company. The employees are trained to be quality conscious and are motivated to achieve the best possible result – every time.

In order to achieve the best result the tools must be the best. The latest technology is used whenever profitable, the administration is computerized and CAD equipment is used when designing and building large plants.