The ice machines from BUUS refrigeration are robust, reliable and easy to maintain. At land and at sea the plants from BUUS are investments which will pay off.

The machines are developed to produce ice of high quality adapted to actual use, which is why products are developed in close co-operation with the costumers and users.

BUUS is watching the development in the environmental issues very close, in order to continuously adapt to the demands of the future.

Traditionally BUUS has produced Freon® based ice machines but because of the debate on the impact that Freon® has on the environment, and because of the uncertainty of future cooling liquids, BUUS introduced ammonia (NH3) based ice machines as early as 1993.

This is the result of the continous work to refine the products and the efforts to adapt to the changing needs of the customers. In most large slaughterhouses and on board many larger fishing vessels an ammonia based cooling plant is installed – BUUS refrigeration is one of the few companies in the world to offer an ice machine that can be connected directly to existing pumping plants.

Of course the research in cooling liquids that does not strain the environment is continuing and BUUS will be following the progress at closest range. It should also be mentioned that BUUS uses PETP-materials and stainless steel for all parts that are in contact with the ice. In contrast to many plastic materials PETP is non-toxic and decomposable.