BUUS Icemaker running with and without 20 ppm salt.

The ice quality and overall performance is very much depending on the water quality.

If you use water with a low content of minerals the ice quality is very poor and the performance of the iceflaker is low.

If the water has a content of minimum 20 ppm salt the ice quality improves dramatically as you can see on the second movie.

You can improve the water quality by using BUUS saltmixers Salt-01 or Salt-02. If the controls are delivered by BUUS it is prepared for saltmixers.

In order to make a test you can use ordinary table salt. Use a spoon full in the water tank and wait 10-15 minutes for the result.

– If the iceflaker has been running for a long period with poor water for ice making it may take a few hours before the surface of the drum is clean.

BUUS FIP block ice maker.

This containerized block ice maker is in Lagos, Nigeria.

Capacity: 9000 kg per 24 hours.

The blocks are 20 by 20 cm ( approx. 8″x8″ ) and are cut in the desired length.

Maximum performance from a PAF iceflaker.

This movie is from a test where we wanted to see how much you can get out of a PAF iceflaker if you have sufficient capacity available.

It is not recommended to calculate an iceflaker for its peak performance but it gives a picture of the ice quality at peak performance.

It made 18000 kg in 24 hours.