Fast repair of three iceflakers

When you make piping for NH3 installations you will often hire welders to make the job. In most cases the job is done to your satisfaction. But in other cases it does not go like that.

In 2005 BUUS was contacted by a customer who had installed three PAF10000 (10 ton/24h ammonia, pump circulation) iceflakers on a new installation.

Unfortunately the welder had connected the ground connection wrong and the current had gone through the piping, via the shaft seals and drum and melted the bearings and O-rings on the way.

There were only a few days left before the new factory had to be operation.

BUUS sent immediately an engineer to the site. He arrived the same evening and could quickly determine that we needed to dismount the iceflakers and bring them back for repair. Within 48 hours the repair was started and a week after the iceflakers were installed.

Pictures from the repair:

Bearing and piping.

Piping dismonted.

Stationary part. Melted into the flange.

‘Toasted’ shaft seal. Exposed to strong heat.