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The core of BUUS slurry ice makers is the rotating evaporator. Since the ice is formed on the outside of the evaporator it is not sensitive to the salt content. You can make fine slurry ice down to approximately 1% salt content. A lower content will not harm teh machien in any way, but it will be hard to make homogenious slurry ice with a lower content than 1%.

The ice machine is capable of making both flake ice and slurry ice. If you need flake ice from freshwater in the morning and 40% slurry ice in the afternoon it is only a simple one minute ajustment.

It may be a horizontal ice maker or a larger, vertical ice maker. You may already have a suitable condensing unit.

Slurry ice units are available from 3 ton per day.

Most often you will need a storage tank, but on a fishing vessel it is quite common to produce the slurry directly into a bin. The catch is chilled very fast in the slurry and then movd into the hull where it is iced with flake ice.

Movie. Slurry ice maker onboard an African trawler.

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Slurry ice generator with controls.

BUUS slurry ice tank

Storage tank. Approx. 1 m3.

BUUS slurry ice tank

Larger storage tank.

BUUS slurry ice condensing unit

Condensing unit. Slurry plant for fishing vessel.



The picture shows the VD746 iceflaker installed on the fishing vessel Kvannøy. The left drum produces sub cooled flake ice from freshwater.

The right drum produces seawater ice which is blended in the tank below and then pumped to the stem to chill herring. The production runs continuously and the slurry ice is not stored in a tank.

VD746 CO2 iceflaker for flake- and slurry ice.


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