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No. 18
Chillventa next week.

HFC refrigerants
BUUS on Facebook

No. 17
HCFC to CFC. BUUS horizontal iceflakers
Slurry ice makers in any size and shape
2015 price lists
Summer holidays at BUUS.

No. 16
Chillventa 2014

New bank connection
Buus Køleteknik A/s & BUUS Ice A/S
Water heaters fro V and VD iceflakers

No. 15
The Confederation of Danish Industry. Initiative Award 2013
Slurry ice maker for African fish
Plasma freezers
Christmas holidays at BUUS

No. 14
Changing to gearmotors with frequency converters
Manuals for Sabroe, Atlas and Gram flake ice machines
2013 price lists

No. 13
Chillventa 2012
Blood and blood plasma iceflakers
R744 for all BUUS iceflaker types

No. 12
Sub assembly iceflakers
Ice capacity. Theoretical and in praxis
New bank
Need something slightly bigger than a V316?

No. 11
CO2 iceflakers
Slurry ice. Low salt content
Updated price list
Summer holidays 2011
Vertical iceflakers in stainless steel frames

No. 10
Tips and Tricks for Sabroe COMP1 users
Gram / Atlas / Sabroe iceflakers. Missing grease and oil
CO2 test plant at BUUS
Merry Christmas. Opening hours during Christmas and 2011 pricelists

No. 9
Atlas, Gram and Sabroe iceflakers
Blood plasma ice machines. Repairs and developments
Going to Chillventa
CO2 testplant

No. 8
Updated price lists ready for download
BUUS holds spare parts for Atlas, Gram and Sabroe ice machines
Welcome to Chillventa

No. 7
Merry Christmas!
BUUS Super Freeze iceflaker
Does your ice maker scream?
Units based on V-VD machines are available

No. 6
Seafood Processing Europe & European Seafood Exposition
Slurry ice plant for fish processing factory
BUUS is ISO 9001:2000 certified
-80°c on a BUUS iceflaker

No. 5
Slurry system for MS Kvannøy N-B400.
New V model. V373 iceflaker.
Chillventa is fast approaching.
"C" model making 2000 kg/24h.

No. 4
CO2 iceflakers.
IKK 2008 is cancelled.
Block ice maker for Nigeria.

Welcome to Chillventa 2008.
2008 pricelists.
BUUS Slurry Ice machines.

No. 3
Topics: Vertical iceflakers.
No snow? - You can buy some.
Focus on a dealer. The Oun family, Libya.
New book keeper at BUUS.
Ice slopes.
2007 pricelists.

No. 2
Topics: Sabroe iceflakers at BUUS.
Invitation to IKK.
Focus on a dealer.
Free internet calls.

No. 1
Topics: New type iceflaker.
Special iceflakers.
Small iceflakers.
New construction.

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