E-news from BUUS Refrigeration. December 2013.

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Dansk Industris Intiativpris 2013
The Confederation of Danish Industry. Initiative Award 2013.

Dansk Industri. Initiativpris.

Yes, we are a little proud. We must admit it. In 2013 BUUS was awarded with the Initiative Award by The Confederation of Danish Industry, Thy Mors.
DI's Initiative Award is awarded annually to a small or medium-sized company that has created the basis for growth through initiative.





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Slurry ice maker for African fish

Type SSF8000MUSWTSN meaning
"Slurry ice maker. Based on a SF8000 iceflaker head. Marine unit.
Seawater cooled. Tropical conditions. Split version. Seawater ice."

Slurry ice

Easy of use is the keywords when it comes to slurry ice. More over the quality of the fish is improved since the contact between the fish and the ice crystals is better than if you use flake ice.

The backsides are increased power consumption and handling the drainage.



After a few minutes the catch is securely stored in ice crystals.

When the ice is formed on the outside of the evaporator cylinder - also known as the drum - there is no risk of scraper blades being destroyed. The ice machine is not sensible to the salt content in the water.

The compressor unit is delivered on a separate frame, making it easy to adapt on the vessel.

A storage tank with agitator insure that you always have sufficient slurry ice.


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Plasma freezers

Many years ago the Danish company "ATLAS" made some fine ice machines that were deigned for blood and blood plasma. As BUUS' V and VD icflakers, those machines have a rotating evaporator and an ice knife that is fixed.

Especially when you wish to freeze blood plasma, blood, various sauces, pet food etc. the fact that the ice is formed on the outside of a cylinder gives you the advantage that you can actually monitor the ice beeing formed, and that way adjust the ice quality. The machine is easy to clean and will dry fast.

Here at BUUS we are always interested in developing new business and business oprotunities.

Please feel free to call us.


Blood plasma ice. Ready to be packed for processing.

Christmas Holidays at BUUS

The office and workshop will be closed from 21st December to 6th January.
We will however keep an eye on the e-mails and the telephone will off course
be answered, so it will be possible to order spare parts etc.


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