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Sub assembly iceflakers

If you are building your own ice machine units, based on BUUS flake ice machines, you may be happy to learn that you can choose to have the horizontal iceflakers as sub assembly versions.

BUUS aub assembly iceflaker head.

Naturally there is a bit of money to be saved when you choose not to have eg. thermostats, heating elements, stainless steel cabinet etc. included in the order. The disadvantage is that you must supply these parts your self and that you must discuss the build up of your machine with us.


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Ice output

Flake ice from a V373 flake ice machine

Perhaps you have been pleasantly surprised when you measure the ice output from our ice machines. Normally you will see that the actual output is 15 to 20% higher than expected when you calculated the plant based on figures from BUUS.

There are a few reasons for this.

  • We add a few percent to the capacity figures to be sure that the ice machine will always perform well. A 5000 kg/24h iceflaker must always make 5000 kg or more. No matter the piping.
  • We must be sure that no matter what oil type you are using the the refrigeration plant the ice machine will perform well. If you maintain the ice machine and the condensing unit you can expect the higher output to be persisting.
  • We are constantly looking at ways to improve our machines. You may not notice it - or even be able to see it anywhere - but it is the result of constantly focusing on improving our products.
  • All in all these factors results in a better output that you would expect.



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New bank

Both BUUS Køleteknik A/S and BUUS Ice A/S have changed from Fjordbank Mors and Danske Bank to Handelsbanken. Below you will find the new details over the bank and the accounts. Please update your files accordingly.

Nibevej 6
DK-9200 Aalborg SV
Reg. no. 0899

Tel. +45 44 56 57 00
Fax +45 98 10 16 96

BUUS Køleteknik A/S

DKK account: Reg. 0899 Account 1007432
IBAN DK3408990001007432

DKK account: Reg. 0899 Account 1007440
IBAN DK1208990001007440
BUUS Køleteknik A/S

EURO account: Reg. 0899 Account 3001202
IBAN DK4308990003001202

EURO account: Reg. 0899 Account 3001210
IBAN DK2108990003001210


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Need something bigger than a V316?

When we took over the production of the V and VD iceflakers from Johnson Controls we soon learned that we needed to be able to offer iceflakers that were a bit bigger than the V316. A V316 makes up to 14 Mton/24h on NH3. If you needed 15 or 16 ton you would have to use a V619 which starts its production at 20 Mton by -20°C. Not a very good option.

The solution was fairly easy: We took a double drum VD746 and cut it in two. The result is the V373 that is just a little taller than a V316, but makes up to 16,5 Mton/24h on NH3 and up to 19,5 Mton on CO2 and HCFC.

If you have access to Sabroe's calculation tool COMP1 you can type 0.5 in the field "Number of ice machines" and use VD746 for the calculation.

If you do not have access to COMP1 you can simply ask us. We aim to answer all queries within two working days.


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