E-news from BUUS Refrigeration. June 2011.

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CO2 iceflakers

All BUUS iceflakers are now available for CO2. Technically the ice machines are very similar to the exsisting range for ammonia, HFC/HCFC and brine. They will be offered as HCF/HCFC iceflakers with a CO2 kit. www.buus.dk will be updated as soon as the data are ready. Meanwhile, please feel free to make inquiries to Frank Olesen or Peter Mortensen


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Slurry ice units

The demand for BUUS Slurry Ice makers is increasing. The technology is "low-tech" and based on the fact that the horizontal, rotating evaporators are capable of making soft ice, ready to be mixed with saltwater. Since the ice is formed on the outside of the evaportor it is less sensitive to variations in the salt content than slurry ice makers compared to slurry ice makers where the ice is formed on the inner surface of a tube. The slurry ice is made down to 1,5% salt content. You also have the possiblity of making sub cooled flake ice with the same machine. A feature that is welcomed in fishing vessels where space is limited and where yoiu need slurry ice for rapid cooling of the catch and flake ice for the boxes.

The unit is currently beeing installed in a boat from Miadmar Fishing Srl, Oras Sulina, Romania.

BUUS' dealer in Romaia is Debitron Termo srl, Barbu Delavrancea 2 A Et, Bukarest, Romania.
Web site: debitron-termo.eu Attn. Mr. Calin Mihalache. Tel. +40 722 403 764.


Ieflaker head and mixer tank
Iceflaker, mixer and elektric controls.


Iceflaker head and mixer tank.
Marine Iceflaker, mixer and elektric controls.

Condesing unit for slurry ice unit.
Condensing unit. Marine version with seawater cooled condenser.


Storage tank for slurry ice.
Slurry ice tank with agitator and level sensors.

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Updated price list

Minor changes has been made on the price lists. The pages are now numbered, which makes it easier to find the right page.
The vertical iceflakers type V156 (4,5 to 6,5 Mton/24h) and V316 (9 to14 Mton/24h) are now offered at a lower price.

You can download the updated price list at Dealers Hub. If you need the login and password, please contact Peter Mortensen.


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Summer holidays 2011

Summerholidays 2011

Summerholidays are mainly held in July. Week 27, 28, 29 and 30. There will be staff at the workshop and at the office. As always telephone number +45 97 74 40 33 is open 24/7.

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Sabroe type vertical iceflakers in stainless steel frames

This summer we will mount two V619 iceflakers in a German slaughterhouse. The machines will be freezing blood plasma in flakes. We will post more dettails from the site when the machines are installed.

VS619 iceflaker. Frame made entirely in stanless steel.

These machines will be delivered with an auger that feed the product into plastic bags or tubs.

The stainless steel frame will be offered as an option in future price lists.


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