E-news from BUUS Refrigeration. October 2010.

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Spare parts for Atlas, Gram and sabroe iceflakers

These old ice makers can get very old indeed. Since we started offering spare parts, we have had inquiries for spare parts for ice machines that are more than 35 years old. Some more battered than others, but all still working after many years. It can be quite tricky to find the right spare parts, but we haven't given up yet. The possibility of sending pictures by mobile phones and email often helps a lot.

If you are in need of spare parts for these iceflaker dinosaurs, please feel free to contact us.

GRAM plasma iceflaker
GRAM plasma iceflaker.

The machine had a thorough overhaul including new chrome surface
on the drum.

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Blood plasma ice machines

There are surprisingly many blood plasma machines running. Some have worked for years with minimum or no maintenance at all. Often because it has been difficult to find the right spare parts. Our Frank Olesen has spent a lot of time going through the old manuials and spareparts lists. Now we have an overview of the different versions that were manufactored.

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Chillventa 2010

6th October: We are getting ready to go to Chillventa next week. The IKK successor takes place every second year. This year more than 900 exhibitors have booked a stand in Nuremberg and we are quite exited to see if we will be as busy as last time. If you plan to go to Chillventa be sure to stop by at our stand 425 in hall 1.

The exhibitor list is found here: http://www.ask-chillventa.de/images/static/Chillventa_Exhibitor_List.pdf

Chillventa 2010 is taking place 13th to 15th October.

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CO2 iceflakers

A CO2 test plant is curently beeing built here in Frøslev. With the CO2 test plant we will be able to investigate the possibilities with this unique refrigerant. We know that both the horisontal iceflakers type C, D, E and F and the vertical iceflakers V and VD runs very well with CO2 pump circulation. Next step wil be to test the iceflakers with DX and flooded operation.

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