E-news from BUUS Refrigeration. April 2009.

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Seafood Processing Europe & European Seafood Exposition

On Monday Anette Olesen and Peter Mortensen will go to Brussels, Belgium to participate in the Seafood Processing Europe (SPE) exhibition. The exhibition is far the largest European exhibition in its field. 200 exhibitors will show equipment, processes, services, and technology.

BUUS on exhibiting

SPE is held together with European Seafood Exposition (ESE) in the same halls. ESE has 1.600 exhibitors showing all aspects of seafood.

If you need a free VIP ticket, please click here to download it.

Telephone +45 25 11 54 35 can be used to reach Anette Olesen and Peter Mortensen during the exhibition.

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BUUS slurry ice plant. For fish processing factory

BUUS slurry ice machine

"Slurry ice made simple". These are the key words when you look at BUUS' way of making slurry ice. The generator is either made from flake ice and is mixed with seawater or very soft ice is simply mixed with water in an insulated tank. Ask Frank Olesen or Peter Mortensen for more details.

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ISO 9001-2000

BUUS Refrigeration is proud to announce that we now are ISO 9001:2000 certified. The certification was carried out by Bureau Veritas.

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Minus 80°c surface temperature on an iceflaker.

Do you need to chock-freeze a fluid? At the moment we are finishing an iceflaker with a surface temperature of -80°c, (-112°F). The cooling media is a secondary media. The project will be described in the next newsletter.

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