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September 2008.

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Slurry system for Kvannøy

The vessel Kvannøy is currently being fitted with a slurry system. The two drums of the existing VD746 iceflaker is changed into to separate units. One making sub cooled flake ice from fresh water and one making slurry ice from seawater. The mixer and pump is fitted into the available space under the ice maker.

All of BUUS iceflakers (also the horizontal types M, C, D, E and F) can be fitted with a slurry mixer so that you can use your existing iceflakers. You will need to have access to seawater. Alternatively you can make 3% saltwater.


BUUS flake- and slurry ice maker.


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V373 iceflaker

V373 iceflaker

Looking for a price worthy 15 tonner iceflaker? In the past you would have been in a small dilemma if you were looking for a vertical iceflaker in the range 10 to 18-20 ton per day. You could look at the V316 that makes up to 14 ton on ammonia or the V619 that starts at approximately 19 ton. If you need approx. 15 ton our iceflakers would have been either too small or too big. As a consequence we desided basically to cut a VD746 in two. The result is the V373.

The V373 makes from 12 to 19,5 ton per day on HFC/HCFC and from 10,7 to 16,5 ton on ammonia.

Delivery time is the same as the other V and VD models: Approximately 8 working weeks from order.


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Chillventa is fast approaching

Chillventa, the refrigeration exhibition and successor to IKK, is held in Nuremberg, Germany in week 42. We will be there with a 10x2 meter stand in Hall 1. Stand number 1-401. The exhibition is from Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th October. Both days included. Opening hours are 9 am to 6 pm.

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Extended ice production on the C model iceflaker

SC2000 iceflaker

The C iceflaker model has so far only been offered for ice capacties up to 1400 kg per 24 hours. Based on experience from the 10 ton F model we have now made a C model that will produce 2000 kg ( 4.444 LBS) 1,3 mm ice per 24 h. by -29°c.
The iceflaker will be on the next price list but you can order it even now. The price is the same as the other C models and delivery is up to three weeks from order.

Click to see a small movie showing the output from the SC2000 iceflaker head.

As on the other C, D, E and F models you can choose from using brine, ammonia (pump or flooded) R404A, R22, R507 or even CO2 as refrigerant.

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