E-news from BUUS Refrigeration.
Issue 3.
January 2007.

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Vertical iceflakers. The production is running full speed.

In July 2006 BUUS took over the production of the well known vertical iceflakers from Sabroe. All the spare parts have now been moved to BUUS' workshop. The transfer of data, drawings and machinery is also in place.

Eight weeks! That was our goal when we took over the production in July this year. Here in early 2007 we have reached that goal and have reduced the delivery time to eight weeks or even faster.

Sabroe iceflakers have been produced for more than 40 years. The construction was originally made by Atlas. A Danish company that seized existing in 1999. They machines are extremely durable and heavy in their construction. We can recommend them when you are looking for an iceflaker in the "heavyweight class". BUUS offers the machines with no change to the construction or scope of delivery. Here at BUUS we have decided to offer the vertical iceflakers with the same model names and with the same scope of supply as Sabroe/York has done. - Please notice that you off course still can purchase V & VD iceflaker by York/Johnson Controls.

Link to the V&VD page on buus.dk


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No snow! What to do?

The participants in Big Brother woke up
to an unexpected chilly morning.

The participants in the Dutch show Big Brother woke up to a cold surprise when the summer morning was changed into a freezing winter day with ice from "Snowteam". Snowteam has specialized in making snow for any purpose and anywhere. With three BUUS SF10000 iceflakers they can make 30000 kg flake ice per day. The ice is discharged with a flexible hose making it possible to make snow any where at any time of the year.

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Focus on a dealer - Oun family, Libya

Extreme heat brings huge demand for ice. - And takes the refrigeration equipment to the limit.
Fortunately we are always using compressors and condensers that are just a number bigger than what the customer is asking for. In summer 2005 Libya experienced the worst heat within living memory. A normal summer in Libya is very hot but when the temperature in the shade rose to 50°c (122°F) all iceflaker units stopped... - Except BUUS units we are proud to say.

Contact mr. Oun: (salehomran69@gmail.com), tel. +218 21 4625573, mob: +218 91 3202970. For the last six years they have been servicing and promoting BUUS Refrigeration in Libya.


Flake ice shop.


Shop in Tripoli. The insulated reefer container is perfect for storage.

20 ft. container with boards to prevent the ice from falling out.

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New book keeper at BUUS.

When you call BUUS you may have noticed a new, friendly voice. It belongs to Bente Agerholm who joined us in 2006.

Bente Agerholm

Bente Agerholm


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Technology: How to build an ice slope for flake ice.

When you need to guide flake ice from the iceflaker to a hull or a silo there are a few things to observe. A wrong designed slope will almost certainly cause the ice to block up and in worse case damage the ice machine. The basic guideline are following:

  1. Keep the angle minimum 30°. - Ice has a tendency to build up. If you keep the speed of the falling ice you will minimize the risk of clogging ice.
  2. Use teflon plates as surface. - Stainless steel is a good material. But not for ice slopes. Ice will almost certainly build up on it.
  3. Do not use screws in stainless steel to attach the teflon plate to the material underneath. Any kind of steel will act as an anchor for the ice. Use plastic screws.
  4. Keep moist away from the slope. Even though you have made the perfect slope, you may still experience that ice clog up. If it does you should see if moist air cause the problems.
  5. Look at the ice from the iceflaker. If it consists of small flakes and snow like particles you should consider a salt mixer. Adding very little salt to the water improves the ice quality very much. Read more about salt here.


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2007 pricelists.

The pricelists for 2007 are on their way. We plan to send a many as possible by email this year. If you are on the recipient list you should have received the email by 1st February. If not, please fill out the form here.

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