E-news from BUUS Refrigeration.
Issue 2.
September 2006.

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Sabroe flake ice machines to be produced at BUUS Refrigeration

BUUS vertical iceflakers. capacity up to 62 tons per 24 hours

Since July 2006 Sabroe iceflakers have been produced at our factory in Frøslev, Denmark. We have taken over the production of Sabroe's flake ice machines type V and VD. JCI/York and Sabroe will offer the iceflakers as they have done so far. BUUS will offer the iceflakers with the same model description as Sabroe but under our own name. - There will be no difference in the machines offered by Sabroe and BUUS.

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IKK in Nürnberg

Welcome to IKK! this year you will find our stand in Hall 1, Stand no. 608. We will bring a vertical iceflaker type V316.


Anette Olesen, Frank Olesen and Peter Mortensen will attend the exhibition.


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Focus on a dealer - Ice Cold Systems, South Africa

Ice Cold Systems (PTY) Ltd, South Africa (ICS) based in Gauteng and Kwa Zulu Natal have entered into a strategic partnership with Buus Refrigeration.

ICS produces iceflaker units on basis of BUUS flake ice evaporators. Due to product optimising and choice of materials an improvement in performance of 15-20 % in comparison to compatible units is not unusual. The units are seawater proof and produce ice flakes from salt water without problems – including warm salt water.

The machines are available at various capacity and can be placed where needed in the production.

ICS has know-how and experience in making custom made ice machines for a specialized production, i.e. chock freezing of fruit or animal food. Other products available are block ice plants and slurry ice machines.


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Skype. Making free calls over the internet


Did you know that you can make free phone calls over the internet? All it takes is a headset, an internet connection and a Skype account. At BUUS Frank Olesen and Peter Mortensen have Skype accounts.


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