E-news from BUUS Refrigeration.
Issue 1.
January 2006.

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Iceflaker type C. 700 to 1400 kg/24h.

BUUS has developed a new type iceflaker - type C with a daily production from 700 to 1400 kg per 24 hours. The production is depending on the evaporation temperature and the cooling capacity.

The C-model is very compatible on price level, quality and capacity.
With the C-type iceflaker BUUS covers the capacities between 200 kg and 10000 kg per 24 hours on a single drum. For higher capacities we offer stacked units at very attractive prices. Ask BUUS for more information.

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Special iceflakers. For fruit sauce, pet food etc.

Special fluids requires special iceflakers. The iceflakers are build accordingly to customers wishes. We offer iceflaker for freezing e.g. strawberry sauce, pet food, blood. Remember that BUUS are always ready to make tests at the workshop.

Iceflaker type BC1400
for -50°c Temper.

The iceflakers for sauce and other fluids with a high content of dry matter are build with the ice knife "upside down". You feed the machine from a vessel. The product is easily discharged from the iceflaker and cleaning the machine is very easy since there are no parts that cannot be reached. The iceflaker is made with all parts in aluminum so that you can use e.g. Temper with a temperature down to -50°c (-55°F).
Efficiency: Compared to a band freezer the iceflaker is beyond comparison. The aluminum drum transfer the heat up to ten times better than a steel band. What can we freeze for you?

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Smaller iceflakers. Built for e.g. fish mongers.

Mr. René Kristensen from the west coast city Agger in Denmark owns Agger Fiskebil. A one-man business . In 2002 René Kristensen chose to invest in his own iceflaker instead of purchasing the ice from the ice works.

René Kristensen in front
of his van.

A view from the interior
the van.

"I'm extremely satisfied with the iceflaker", says René Kristensen. "Having my own ice works means that I save a lot of time and money. I don't need to get up early to get ice or spend money having it delivered. And I can produce just the amount of ice that I need. No ice is wasted."

The SM iceflaker unit.

Cod fillets.
Ready to be sold.

The business is a both at the harbor in Agger and in the van. The fish arrives in Styrofoam insulating boxes filled with flake ice. Due to the large surface of the flake ice the fish is chilled efficiently. Since flake ice is light the skin of the fish is not damaged, there is no weight loss and the temperature of the fish is kept at approximately 1°c. Ideal for fresh fish.

René Kristensen starts the day at 5 am going to the Fish Auction in Thyborøn. When the working days is drawing to be close the iceflaker has filled up the ice bin. The ice is then ready for the next day and he will never be short of ice.

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New iceflaker construction protects against refrigerant leakage.

Since October 2004 we have delivered our iceflakers with twice the bearing surface and twice the numbers of seals to keep in the refrigerant. This development has caused that the iceflakers today are even stronger.


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